Brantford Residence Council

The Brantford Residence Council     

Another exciting part of the residence experience here at Laurier Brantford is the opportunity to be involved in student activities and leadership. The Brantford Residence Council (BRC) is a formal, organized student group comprised of first year students from all of the Residence Communities. With the support of Community Advisor, Dons, and Residence Life Management Team, the BRC serves as a planning and management body for events, activities and programming for the entire residence community.

The BRC consists of a Community Advisor (Don), a hired Executive Team (Director of Leadership Development, Director of Communications, Director of Finance, Director of Activities, and Director of External Affairs) and an elected Community Representative from each residence community.

BRC has previously planned and facilitated:

  • - Coffee House
  • - Fashion Show
  • - Games Night
  • - Monthly Community Challenges
  • - Held a year-end banquet and celebration which recognized outstanding citizens of the Laurier
  •           Brantford Residence Community

Do you enjoy being involved? Is there an event, workshop, or charitable initiative you’d like to see happen while you’re living in residence? For opportunities to meet new people, plan, and organize events get involved in the BRC, and make the most of your year.



       The Fashion Show  Movember Photo Challenge


Haunted Coffee House                                The BRC          

BRC Community Advisor: Laura Collings

Residence Life Area Coordinator: Shaun McCracken


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